What causes age spots?

When I was little, I noticed that my grandmother had these little brown spots all over her hands, arms and face.  I had noticed it on my grandfather too so I assumed that it was something that happened when you got older.  This past month, I turned 30 yrs old and felt old instantly.  Instead of being proactive about my skin, I’ve only started to worry about it now.  I also noticed that age spots aren’t just for older people.  I have seen them on the faces of my friends who are definitely not considered old.  What are age spots? 

They are also commonly known as sun spots and are caused by just that, the sun.  Our skin contains melanin and the older that we get, the less melanin we have in our skin.  Prolonged sun exposure can lead to these sun spots all over the area that is left exposed to the sun such as your face, arms and hands.  Therefore, anyone working in the sun daily would need to really take extra steps to protect their skin.   Unfortunately you end up paying for your poor decisions with sun exposure when you get older.  You can end up looking years older than you really are.  Thankfully technology has garnered quite a few improvements in skin care that can actually reverse some of these skin conditions.

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April 24, 2014

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